Have you done a domain name search and seen one that costs way more than other domains. Why so much because?

Certain domain names are more likely to drive more traffic to a website, they’re called premium domains. Short memorable easy-to-spell names that ended with popular extensions such as dot I N dot C O M dot CO UK tend to be more valuable because many website owners want a website with more traffic so they can convert to more sales.

Just imagine you’re starting a new pet shop, you’d want an easy to remember with a relevant keyword in a domain for your website that customers can find, like APetShop.com if you searched for that domain name today on GoDaddy you may find the asking price is $3000 plus, because its current owner anticipates high demand, if you want a domain name that may make it easier for customers to find your site and keep coming back you should consider a premium domain.

Premium domains help keep your marketing spend to a minimum and get more organic traffic to the website.

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